Who votes to nuke Greenpeace??? Anyone?

What a crock of… WHO THE FUCK THINKS THIS SHIT UP? Environmentalists have been blaming everything from SUV’s to cow farts over the past 20 years for the hole in the ozone layer and mysterious global warming. Well folks, cow’s still fart free and last I saw, SUV’s still own the road.

Global Warming is an environmental fact on warm days, and a distant memory when I can see my own breath. That being said, it’s BULLSHIT. The idea that modern industry and progress has caused a hole in the ozone layer and global warming is as absurd as the idea that we can do anything to stop it.

Since the Environmentalists failed on SUV’s, failed on cow farts, they have now set their sights on asthma inhalers. That’s right folks, those of us who are unfortunate victims of asthma are now at risk of dropping dead in the name of Environmentalists and their idiotic crusade to stop a completely natural cycle from taking place.

First they plan to start on over-the-counter inhalers such as Primatine Mist, then as of 2008 you can say goodbye to Albuterol. No word of alternatives, no word of improved inhalers that do not rely on CFC propellant, none of that. They’re just going to ban inhalers that work like they banned DDT that worked, what’s a little Malaria matter?

I tell ya folks, the more our Government pays attention to a MINORITY of cultural elites in climate controlled palaces, and snot-nosed little jerks in college dormitories who consistantly align with lost causes, the worse off all of us will be.

The amount of CFC’s used has dropped significantly yet the Ozone hole happily shrinks and grows and hops around the globe like the elite environmentalist movement which is dead-set on stopping it. Is it so hard to just tell these people to shut the fuck up?

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