Just shoot him already.

Not sure how you folks feel, but I’m getting a little tired with the coverage of Saddam Hussein’s saber-rattling at his trial. It seems every other day it is covered how HE behaves, the things HE said, but what is ignored is the testimony of his endless stream of victims. IMHO he lived by the sword, as such he should die by it. Trying Hussein under a judiciary system based on our own is an outright mistake.

He needs a kangaroo court where his concerns are not considered, and anything short of an admission of guilt never reaches the airwaves. He’s no more an Iraqi citizen than an American one, and deserves neither the rights or protections guaranteed to both.

The longer this goes, the more of a joke it becomes, and the longer a ruthless tyrant is allowed to breath free air… through iron bars or not. Lets give the Butcher of Bagdhad a speedy trial, then execute him on pay-per view.

Saddam walks out in trial uproar

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