Long Live The ‘Snake

So tonight I found myself endlessly flipping the channels when my heart stopped on E! What could this be, a THS on Whitesnake? David Coverdale? I sat in disbelief as the brief history of the mighty Snake with Kitaen in tow was recounted… Then I was left to shudder as I realized it was all about Kitaen. Now folks, Kitaen’s career rolled off the hood of those Jaguars as quick as Coverdale’s talent was lost on the lemming majority of music buyers who switched from Aqua-Net to flannel upon the whim of a suicidal twenty-something in need of stainmaster carpets.

That being said, I got an email from the Whitesnake mailing list that they’re releasing a live DVD and album shortly, and I quickly pre-ordered “Whitesnake Live… In The Still of The Night” which hopefully will ship out next week. The title an obvious nod to the greatest Live album Coverdale ever released, Live… In the Heart of The City. The ‘free sample’ is a live performance of “Take Me WIth You” off their 2nd album back in 1978. Ever since I saw the Snake with the Chickenhead a few years back, I’ve been hell-bent on seeng them again with a better set-list. I love everything they ever put out, but focusing on 2 tracks from 1984 and 3 from 1987 is an absolute insult to their nearly 30 year history. I am absolutely delighted that they’re tapping the vast history behind the music and releasing an effort worthy of the fans.

Tack on the fact that David Coverdale can still sing every song in his catalog, nail every note, and you’ll know exactly why Robert Plant has been Crying in The Rain since 1987 like some lone Metallica fan who fell into a coma after Ride the Lightning and woke up in time for St.Anger.

My catalogue has changed quite a bit over the years, but my need for strong R&B based Rock & Roll has never ceased, and no artist has ever filled the void quite like David Coverdale and Whitesnake.

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