As is usually the case, I had an epiphany at the local pub last night relating to my post on February 4th. Had a missed call on my cellphone from 2am, from my ex… She also called me again at 10am, accusing me of playing a childish and hurtful prank.

Course, the night before I was where I’ve been for oh… the past month. World of Warcraft! I digress.

While at the pub I learned that just about every friend in our little group got a similar call. Some accused, others were sternly interrogated. Same question… “Do you know his number? What were you doing at 2am? Etc…”

As Jack Slater would say… ‘Big Mistake.’

Here’s my theory, and it’s just that, a theory. I have absolutely nothing but intuition and a couple pints ‘o brew to base this on. Simply put, “Whoever smelt it, dealt it.” Ironically enough I came to this line of thinking because someone at the pub farted, and then shifted blame by over-reacting to it. Makes perfect sense to me.

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