Oh the drama I must deal with from my peers…

Until arond 5am this morning I was playing World of Warcraft… Got into a group of 4 other players in the low-20’s and started hammering through Elite quests, had an absolute blast. Still, was my 2nd experience running into complete dickheads. A week or two back, I ran through a very difficult level with a group of players, when we ran into the end-boss, one player hadn’t gotten the prize they wanted so they triggered the boss and the rest of us got killed. It’s called a “Leroy.”

So last night was a twofer. A pair of players in the high-teens (I was level 22) were running through an area where there was an end-boss I also needed to kill. I asked if they needed a hand, one player said yes, the other said ‘maybe if you were a higher level or a different class.” Makes no sense to me. Still, later on when I saw them get slaughtered by the group of bad-guys while I hung back stealthed was an absolute riot.

2nd experience was when I’m on the border of an Orc camp, picking off Orc’s trying to get ‘Worn Battle-Axe’ drops for a quest. A couple of yahoos come running up and start getting hammered, so I aid and start taking out one of the bad guys…

“We’ve got it, thanks.”
“I’m thrilled for you.”
“Leave this area or be reported.”
“Go ahead and report me, I was here first, logs will prove it, so deal with it.”
“Well you can’t claim a camp anyhow.”
“Exactly, so get over it.”

That was that. Now i know you can report other players for various offenses, but I’m guessing these two nitwits wanted the camp area all to themselves, likely for the same quest I was on. When I didn’t immediately cower and run at their threat, they left me alone. When I saw them getting slaughtered like the first group, again I laughed heartily.

After that I just ended up plowing through quests with a group of other players, had a good time, and before I knew it the clock said 5am. Yikes.

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