So much for having a car that never got into an accident.

Was driving to Middletown VW this morning to have its 10K mile service performed, hit a patch of black ice on route 284 and lost control of the car, hitting a phone pole. Front drivers side of the car is just about obliterated in front of the wheel.

Real kicker is I got a ticket for failure to keep right. I was on ICE. Hello?

So the estimate is $6500 and 10 days, there’s a packet of what’s being replaced and everything is going to be OEM.

There’s just some shit in life that one can’t expect, you can prepare for it, but eventually everyone brushes with fate. I’ll beat myself up over what happened for awhile, but eventually I’ll accept the fact that shit happens.

Eventually. Blah. My handiwork is in the extended entry. Couldn’t stare at it every time I loaded the page.

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