Border Security? What’s that.

Now I don’t believe I would buy this story if I hadn’t seen the proof with my own eyes, but in a shining example of just how fucked up our border security is…

Friend of mine got a letter in the mail from the Department of Homeland Security reporting that his vehicle had been sighted crossing the border from Canada without stopping… Attached to the letter is a fine for $5,000.00.

Dead serious. First we believed it was a scam, the telephone number for Homeland Security was retrieved on-line, they were contacted, and sure enough the exact vehicle that was sitting in his driveway last month was allegedly sighted at 2am crossing the border into the US.

Of course, unless there is an exact replica of the car floating around the state, someone made a grievous mistake.

My first question, why a fine? If a vehicle ran the border, why wasn’t it chased down and stopped? Where’s the proof? Any photographic evidence? Hhow come agents aren’t banging on the door of the offenders home? Right now some individual or group thereof is tooling around the US of A in a mistakenly identified vehicle because some idiot in the border patrol screwed up.

The worse part is that the burden of proof is apparently the responsibility of the accused.

Could it be a scam by some crooked agent of Homeland Security or the US Border Patrol? Possibly. More likely did some nitwit wake up in time to catch a glimpse of a vehicle, run a partial, and then accuse all the owners in this great state of NY who drive similar vehicles with fines to cover their ass?

Well if it works in Sussex County…

Looks like lawyers may get involved, and definitely newspapers. This is likely one situation where the Liberal media could come in handy…

You saw it here first, folks.

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