Why not put ’em in charge of air traffic control?

I won’t lie here, folks. I’m not for the idea of signing off our ports to the UAE with no oversight and a nod from the Bush Administration. I’ve heard the argument “Well you had no problem when the British ran it, saying no to the UAE is discrimination.”

Show me the law or text in the Constitution where we can’t say no to a foreign government entity. Go ahead, show me.

Saying no to an Arab who is a US Citizen because they’re Arab is discrimination. Saying no to the UAE when it comes to who controls our ports is common sense.

It’s bad enough we depend on UAE members for oil (a quick thank you to the American Liberals for ensuring that’ll continue indefinitely) but now we’re handing them the ports?

Any time Liberals come off stronger on National Security than GW should be a big red flag to those of us who don’t drink the Kool-Aid that something is seriously out of whack.

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