American Falsetto…

Can’t say I agree with the votes on American Idol entirely. For starters, either Ace Young or Kevin Covais could have taken the boot last night, not Gedeon McKinney. While his performance last week wasn’t oustanding, compared to the idiotic falsetto of Young it was night and day. I couldn’t help but think that the game is completely rigged after that one. Talent got voted off the show in favor of Gavin Rossdale’s haircut.

The mistake the judges made was complimenting the falsetto last week, so when he did it again this week they stuck with their idiotic decision. The guy has no talent, just a look. Put him in a boy-band and get it over with. If anyone’s destined for a freight-train to rehab it’s that guy.

I’m hoping next week Chris Daughtry picks a song that’ll highlight his strengths a bit more. It is possible to emphasize your strengths without sounding like a broken record, perhaps something from Shinedown, Crossfade, or even Alter Bridge might do the trick. I’m sure he’ll see it out to the very end, if Ace or Kevin make it past next week I’m just going to tune into Golden Girl reruns.

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