Return of WOOSH

So today I finally picked up my car. It’s been nearly a month now, what took so long??? The parts distributor. The bodyshop relied on a local VW dealer (not Middletown or Nyack) for the parts… First it was the bumper… then the battery tray. Each day I was forced to wait – as was the body shop – due to the inept parts department at this dealership. Today when I called and was told to call back at 4:30 to see if the parts came in (this time it was a drivers side turn signal and the hood cowl) I lost it. I just wanted my car back. So I called my VW dealership and checked to see if the parts were in stock, they were. Long story short, I bought the parts, brought them to the bodyshop, and I now have my car back. Only problem right now is a loose horn. If I honk the whole front of the car shakes. It’s not a big deal, something I can fix easily enough or just have the dealer do it on my next service date.

I’ve nothing but praise for Gran Prix Auto Body in Westtown, NY for their work. This wasn’t my first accident, but it was my first experience with Gran Prix and their quality of work is second to none. The fit and finish on the body panels is better than factory, the car looks like new.

Still have Court and the inevitable rate hike on the way, but now I can at least get around without imposing on friends. I’m absolutely grateful to everyone who gave me a hand in my month of need…lol.

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