The good with the bad…

Since the heady days of JFK, Ronaldus Magnus, and now George W Bush, the simple economic fact that tax cuts spur growth is blatant even to the most partisan Liberal (which is why they tend to fight it so much, it benefits Americans). That being said, one of the great advantages of living mere minutes from New Jersey has been the ability to purchase clothing tax free. It is undeniable that when the shackles of taxation are removed from any facet of our economy, it will subsequently flourish.

Heard some great news on the radio this morning, starting tomorrow New York State will permanently lift the sales tax on clothing and shoes under $110, which is similar to the New Jersey statute. I still do not agree that there should be a $110 cap, but those rich bastards who want to buy 2 pairs of Levis should deal with it… oh wait… Damnit. I suppose I can just go twice. Fuckers.

The part of the report which thoroughly disgusted me, is that to compensate for the tax cut, counties are upping their sales taxes accordingly. Whatever happened to no taxation without representation? Sure, we have representatives but when the hell have they ever put the interests of the poor saps like yours truly who have elected them to office first?

There’s this misconception that Government can spend the hard earned money of the DOCUMENTED American worker better than they can. It’s the only reason bullshit like this is allowed to pass uncontested.

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