Politicians are Dirtbags.

20 years ago we had an immigration crisis. Illegal aliens were crossing the border at an alarming rate. A solution had to be found… The solution?

Amnesty. Oh, and they weren’t called Illegal Aliens anymore… They were Illegal immigrants.

Today we have an immigration crisis, compounded by the unending efforts of global terrorism to plan its flag on American soil yet again. Border patrols are failing. Private citizens are taking charge. Thousands of Illegal Immigrants are flooding the streets in protest…. Oops, I mean Undocumented workers… The solution?

Well despite popular opinion, IT ISN’T FUCKING AMNESTY. Think the IRS would let me go for not paying taxes if I said I was an undocumented worker? RIGHT. How the hell are these ‘undocumented workers’ able to protest? Why not take all the buses that weren’t used by the Liberal idiots in charge of Louisiana and New Orleans to evacuate the populace, park them outside these protests, and use them to shuttle the illegals back across the border?

Freedom of speech? Right to peaceful protest? They’re rights granted to AMERICAN CITIZENS. I’d have treated the protestors who were illegals as if they were members of Al Qaeda fighting for a price reduction on the chemical compounds required to produce C4 explosive.

THIS IS NOT MEXICO. It is a sovreign nation. Any other nation in the world who had to face millions of non-citizens storming the border WOULD DECLARE WAR OVER IT.

Not America. Not a place where political pigs could grab a photo-op and welcome millions of new voters to the land of the free and home of the brave. Just like the port debacle in NJ had to do with labor unions, this amnesty garbage has to do with votes. Reagan did it in the 80’s to get votes, and you can bet your paycheck on the fact that its the same reason that it has happened again.

Why fix the problem when you can cash in and sell out?

Ideally we should hire a couple million Chinese and have them build a BIG FUCKING WALL to separate our country from Mexico. Maybe even a big moat. Worked against the Mongolians for 5 minutes, didn’t it? After we’re done building the wall, we track down every illegal alien and individual who has overstayed their VISA and give them a one way ticket back to their country of origin. While we’re doing that, we go to every single business in the United States INCLUDING FUCKING WALMART who has benefitted from illegal alien workers AND CHARGE THEM BACK-TAXES FOR EVERY ILLEGAL THEY’VE EVER EMPLOYED. Take that money and offset the income-tax for the rest of us with another tax cut.

They do jobs that Americans won’t? Bullshit. Businesses get away with murder by paying these illegal aliens pennies on the dollar and not having to provide taxes or benefits. Use inmates. Kids from juvenile hall. Stick them in a hot field for 16 hour days and watch how qucik they learn to respect freedom and law.

While politicians fight to stop the tax cuts, they happily nod at millions of hard-working invaders and the businesses who rely on them and PAY NO TAX.

Regardless of party, Politicians are dirtbags. They should have a shelf-life like the spineless chickens they are.

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