Wake up call, folks.

DId my income tax this morning, took me 20 minutes and cost me $40.

I owed this year. I owe every year in fact.

The reason I owe? I refuse to fork over any more of my hard earned cash than I need to.

Sure, people dance a jig of glee when they get their refund check. Who knows how much money you might have gotten if the Government actually paid interest on the money they extort. Who knows what good might have been done over the course of the year if you actually had that money in your greedy little palms.

The possibilities are endless, my friends.

This year? I had to pay .6% of my total income to the IRS in addition to what was withheld from my check.

That, and I actually know how to save money.

Piece of advise folks, keep as much of your money as you can, save what you can in the bank, and enjoy the ability to use your hard earned cash all year on things you desire, not just after April 15th.

On a side note… Watching I Heart Huckabees this morning I realized that Lilly Tomlin could be Spock’s stunt double and no amount of clevage is going to make that woman attractive to me.

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