Holy crap! California isn’t happy!

I’ve got to laugh at what some people actually regard as news.

A new poll is out and it shows that 60% of Californians aren’t happy with the President and Congress. How the hell is this news? This is the state of rolling-blackouts as a solution to power shortages! The last state that had as many power outages as California was Louisiana, and that was due to a hurricane! I’m sure every Californian had the same reaction when they found out their new governor wasn’t just a left-wing kook actor! “I elected a Republi…WHAT!?” There are 49 states, a mix of red and blue, and then there’s People’s Republic of California.

In days gone by a story like this would have been big news, but in reality America is still waking up to the vast Left-wing media spin machine and I’m sure most folks who saw this today said the same thing as I…


Poll shows Californians not impressed with Bush or Congress

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