The Great Wall…

In the ongoing fiasco in regard to our southern border, there’s been discussion of erecting a wall on the border. I’m for it, both the symbolism behind it as well as the function of hopefully slowing the illegal immigration to a manageable level.

Of course, as with any plan that actually makes sense, the idea of a wall has come under fire too. We wouldn’t possibly want to keep so many eligible voters on the wrong side of the wall if they sign another amnesty bill into law, would we?

The other night it dawned on me like a light from the heavens… Just get the wall into a spending bill. Make it a line item on some spending bill. George W Bush hasn’t even made the attempt to veto a single spending bill yet and the Government has gotten fat and happy on his watch because of it. We may as well take advantage of it to the benefit of the country… for a change.

Only other thought I have on the issue is that should amnesty be granted, there be a little detail in the small print. That detail convicts each illegal immigrant of a felony, then provides them with a suspended sentence. They won’t be able to legally vote, which should keep the politicians honest…for a day or two.

As long as there are dead people available to vote, there’ll always be a Democrat who could win an election.

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