Today was the official start of Spring for me. I usually quantify that special day by one of two things, I go hiking or I get to sleep with the windows open. After a long, annoying winter, both are things I absolutely dream of.

So today I took a jaunt up to what’s popularly referred to as “Pinwheel’s Vista” on the Appalachian Trail in Vernon, NJ. It’s a decent grind up to the top, good season opener for me and the view at the end of the line is well worth the sweat and mosquitoes.

One thing I found absolutely deplorable was the amount of rubbish along the trail! Regulars of the trail should be ashamed of themselves, more so than the hapless losers who dropped the bags, bottles, wrappers, pens, and cigarette butts along the way. I literally filled my shopping bag (brought for that specific purpose) less than 2/3 of the way up!

I really don’t give two shits as to why people don’t pick up their garbage, but the people who respect the trail should respect the fucking trail and help clean it up. After all, all you have when you fill an open space full of inbred morons and rubbish is a subdivision minus the houses. Nobody likes to hike in a damned subdivision, do they?

I’m updating a new gallery entry as we speak with highlights from the trek, hopefully I’ll do this again next week.


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