People are Dumb.

Yea American Idol is annoying me. Not complaining too much as Daughtry is still on board and well out of the bottom 3… But the bottom 3 is just getting absurd. Last night they voted off Bucky, who had a definite southern-rock flavor to his vocals and a natural talent which stood out on the show. He was chosen instead of Paris or Ace… Ace has the typical boy-band voice…meaning he really can’t sing that well and just has a look that will likely sell.

I find it annoying because I expect the competition on the show to be feirce, I expect everyone to have something unique and vibrant to their vocals which encourage everyone to do better. When they keep someone around like Ace with his half-assed vocals, the quality of the entire show takes a dive.

My prediction is the endgame will be between Chris Daughtry and Kelly Pickler, I’d just rather that the weakest links get voted off regardless of how pretty they are.

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