Thunder and light…

Early this morning I heard thunder… the low rolling kind. Shook the whole house when it hit… No lightning.

Today I went to the funeral for my old friend, Gene… Sitting in the church as it slowly filled there was a break in the music and again the whole building shook… This wasn’t thunder though, it was the sound of at least a hundred Harley Davidson motorcycles as the funeral precession rode up.

It was raining when I first got there, but during the service and for an hour or so afterward, the skies had cleared up and the sun shone brightly. Was almost surreal.

The church was packed, for one guy. Just one guy. Yet each and every person in that place had their lives touched by him. I hope to be as blessed one day.

For the longest time, I’ve avoided the topic as much as possible. I’ve known people who have died, but never anyone who I knew personally and respected as a friend. This was my first funeral. Some people might think I’m lucky to have avoided it for 26 years, but it’s something we all must face sooner or later and will never get any easier.

All that said, folks, please, while you’re out driving, keep an eye out for bikers. A little extra attention to the road could save a life. Your iPod and your telephone will still be there after that moment goes by where you look instead of taking a distracted leap.

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