BULLSHIT. American Idol is FIXED.

All I can say after tonight is that American Idol is fixed. Some folks may have believed it already, now I do. There’s no way in HELL that Chris Daughtry got the least number of votes. I’ll surmise he got the most number of votes, but simply wasn’t ‘Pop’ enough for the elitist morons running the show. Mark my words, that guy is going platinum because none of the 3 that remain could ever release a record worth listening to. I’m officially done with that fucking show, it’s an absolute joke.

Take away the gray hair and wacky dancing, Taylor’s a Karaoke singer. Can belt some notes out, but won’t sell a record to anyone under 40. Catherine’s a doll, but she barely has a pop voice. Don’t even get me started on the identity crisis that is Eliot. Proof positive that in the end talent has nothing to do with that joke of a show.

Still looking forward to Daughtry cutting an album, I have very little doubt that there will be some industry assholes owing him an engraved apology in the very near future.

Good luck Chris, show must go on man, so take what you’ve accomplished and just fucking tear shit up.

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