Carry on dude, you’ll nail it.

So last night I was as shocked as anyone, not nearly as shocked as the contestants of American Idol when Chris Daughtry was voted off. I won’t lie, it fucking pissed me off. I look at the performances of everyone and saw a guy who was a world ahead of the rest. Every performance was radio worthy. Every performance was original and unique. Ever performance refused to compromise and was the antithesis of pop.

There, I said it. Chris Daughtry wasn’t Pop enough for Idol and God bless him for that.

So I did some digging today and discovered that vocal gymnastics are nothing new to Daughtry, in fact he’s been the lead singer and guitarist for a band called Absent Element.

Of course, you wouldn’t know that because despite the fact they are his band, and played with him before the American Idol train came calling… They can’t use his full name on the website, nor even show a picture of him. The decision makers of Idol have turned Chris into a commodity where only the highest bidder can benefit for the duration of his contract, music be damned!

That said, take a few minutes and check out or to see just what our man Chris is really capable of. I already bought the album and a t-shirt.

Broke my heart to see the guy torn down like that on TV, he sure as hell didn’t deserve it, and the tools who are still in the game don’t deserve to be there nearly as much as he does. That said, he’s got bigger and better places to go, and I’m sure once he’s free of the shackles of American Idol he’ll be dominating the charts much to the chagrin of the high and mighty music industry. Once the industry realized they could sell records without talent, we all got kicked off the show.

Best of luck, dude.

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