This is the kinda shit…

That will bury Microsoft.

So today I installed some updates on a laptop at the office, one of which being the “Windows Genuine Software Fucker.” It rebooted with a STOP error (BSOD) AKA really fucking annoying and no real easy way to fix error.

So I reboot into “Last Known Good Configuration” and get nothing.

I reboot into Safe Mode… Same thing, BSOD.

So I reboot again, and proceed with the Repair Install from the XP Professional CD. That goes smooth until it finally boots.

I need to re-activate the system. Same computer, same copy of Windows, same license key, NEEDS TO BE FUCKING ACTIVATED. Now I don’t know why they even bother offering the opportunity to type it back in.

I typed the key in right, I’ll need to call them, go through the goddamned auto attendant who tells me that I need to talk to an Indian who speaks broken English and asks me 10 times why I reinstalled the software hoping that I’ll slip up and they can catch a vile, dirty, software pirate.

So I get through ALL THAT SHIT, sit on hold for TEN FUCKING MINUTES, only to have the part-time deli clerk on the other end of the phone tell me that their system is down and I should call back in an hour.

I CAN DOWNLOAD PROGRAMS ON THE INTERNET WHICH WILL DO IT. Of course, most are now paired up with spyware likely done so that Bill Gates can get a chuckle at the New World Bureaucracy he has created. ASSHOLE.

So again I call back, go through the auto attendant, get the human on the phone who asks me idiotic questions like ‘how many other systems have this exact copy.’ ARE PEOPLE REALLY THIS STUPID? Gee, my whole network uses the same copy. Right. Fucking morons. The fact they have the audacity to ask me such a thing after all the money EVERYONE has invested in their lack of options software is bullshit.

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