SO I wake up this morning and as I’m flipping channels I catch the Mr.Howellesque visage of John F. Kerry on Fox News Sunday. Now if there was ever a shining example of what is wrong with politics in this country, it’s Kerry. He gets asked a question about the situation with North Korea…

Essentially, in the early 90’s, Korea did its usual “threaten until we get free stuff” garbage, Bill Clinton sent Jimmy Carter (a true prize of foreign policy for this nation) to ‘negotiate’ with them. He left, and North Korea had the finest nuclear power plants that the US could provide, plus tons of grain to feed their starving military complex.

The plan was a failure. North Korea contined to develop nuclear weapons, the US did nothing (instead of concentrating on the true threat, we kept lobbing cruise missiles at Iraq for the duration of the 90s), and today they have Nukes.

So today, John Kerry is on the news show taking jabs at the Bush administration (mind you, they’re not up for re-election any time soon) for not following the Clinton model. That’s right, instead of simply admitting (otherwise known as being honest) that the original plan was a failure, and proposing some sort of – any sort of – solution beyond the one that simply has not worked… He bashes Bush.

That, my friends, is the problem with politics. I can’t recall any other time in my mere 27 years on this planet where the American people were so eager to consume gianormous amounts of bullshit simply because they’ve been trained by the media and the cunning linguists in our Government to hate the current administration.

Just another never-ending blame game. Politicians have bunkers to protect them from a North Korean nuke…both parties. Do you?

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