So I stop at Best Buy on lunch to pick up a copy of Rebel Without a Cause… I get out of my car and a rather homely looking fellow walks up to me, telling a sob story about a long walk, a fractured leg, and a need to get to the other side of town.

“Why not go inside and call a cab?”

“I have no money.”

“Well if you call a cab I’ll pay the fare for you.” That caused a very confused look from the guy.

From behind my car comes another guy who shouts “YO, HELP THE MAN OUT.” Fuck that. I say “Sorry, can’t help you.” I start towards the store, then turn back to my car to get my wallet, putting me behind them as they walk in to Best Buy. They must’ve been asking every single person out there for a ride. Almost felt like one of those NBC scams to illustrate how racist our society is.

So call me racist, I don’t care. I’ve got a 2 door VW and I’m not giving a lift to two strangers in it, especially when the guy with the ‘fractured leg’ is walking faster than the one who walked up behind my car. Maybe it’s just a side effect of hanging out in Newark for 5 years, knowing that Middletown has a pretty bad crime rate, who knows. I got a bad feeling and got out of the situation. Was just plain creepy.

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