IE7 – A Guilty Pleasure

So last night I finally got around to upgrading the Microsoft browser on my system, Internet Explorer, to the latest – version 7. I can’t lie, it’s a very fast and smooth browser. It’s like someone took the polish to Firefox and slapped a Microsoft badge on it. It honestly looks and feels that solid.

Not to mention, the Microsoft ClearType technology that gives it a real smooth look is another one-up on Firefox, unless you have it enabled for your whole system – which I do not.

Couple of gripes though…

Validation. It’s a fucking web browser. Why should it care what operating system it runs on, or that the operating system it is running on is legitamite or not?

Reboot. Yes, after installing IE7, I had to reboot my system. I can uninstall and reboot Firefox 20 times without a reboot. There should be NO REASON WHATSOEVER to reboot a computer to complete installation of a component as basic as a WWW browser.

I’ve got Firefox 2.0 official, and IE7 official. The ass-odometer leans towards IE7 as taking the lead. For all I know it could be a bulky pig on the back end, but the front screams Maserati. It’s smoother, faster, and more solid than Firefox at the moment IMHO.

Don’t get me wrong, FF 2.0 is also an outstanding browser, but for the time being I am back using IE7.

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