Oh please!

I’ve always been told there was media spin, and I’ve noticed it from time to time – stories buried, facts hidden, etc… But I’ve never actually experienced the ‘drive-by’ media first hand until last night. As most of you know, I’m a Conservative, and I try to follow the exploits of Rush Limbaugh when I can.

Now go ahead and take a moment to whine and moan as most people do when Limbaugh’s named is mentioned.

No really, go ahead. I can just about hear you myself. Done? Good.

So on Monday’s show, Rush was commenting about some political advertisements done by Michael J Fox on his show, and he said “he is either acting or off his meds.” As usual, Rush was right, and his statements are being taken out of context by the mainstream media. Long story short, Fox has admitted to going off his Parkinsons medication to illustrate just what it can do to someone. That’s fine and dandy, it’s his right to share his opinion with America. What I personally do not agree with is using an incurable disease as a prop to get another sleazeball politician elected.

Voting Democrat will not cure AIDS, Parkinsons, Leukemia, or severe spinal cord injuries. It won’t. As illustrated by the election results in nearly every major election since 1994, neither will voting Republican. The simple truth here is that if these politicians who just so happen to be Democrat actually had a leg – or issue – to stand on, they would not need to try and scare sick people into voting for them.

That’s what politicians who are out of power do though, at least the ones who don’t have a leg or issue to stand on. They try to scare you away from the other candidate in order to vote for them. Be it old people and medicare, or everyone and terrorism. I’ve seen attack ads against Republicans running for the Senate in New Jersey because they supported the war in Iraq. Egad! No! Why you cannot support that!

I hate to break it to you gentle folks, but if tomorrow the Democrats controlled every single facet of Government, we’d stay in Iraq longer, we’d lose more American lives, and it would definitely become a resounding failure. Not by the hand of our men and women in uniform mind you, but by a gaggle of useless meatbag politicians who make all their decisions based on focused polls of people in Connecticuit, California, and other blue states.

Back to my point though, I’m watching the NBC nightly news last night, and it only takes a few minutes for a select line from Limbaugh’s LONG monologue to be replayed over and over, “it was an act.” They also showed a small bit of video from his WWW feed where Limbaugh was illustrating how Fox was moving during the ad… They ignored the whole statement and immediately focused on Fox’s response. Now in a fair and balanced media, wouldn’t they have shown the whole statement? Wait… you mean the mainstream media isn’t fair and balanced? No more than Fox News is.

I feel for Michael J. Fox. I thought he was great in the Back To The Future movies. Just the same, when your foot enters the political arena, you don’t get a pass due to your illness when you use your illness as a prop. If anyone’s a better example of the failures of socialized medicine, ask the guy who immigrated from the Canadian way of doing things to America. He should know better than to believe a politician can accomplish anything, let alone a cure for disease.

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