Vote, or the Screen Actors Guild wins.

Politicians would have you believe that this is a pivotal time in our history. They’ll offer you a multitude of excuses and justifications to vote for them, or not vote for the other guy. They’ll avert your attention thousands of miles away. Have you focus on things you can’t see with your own eyes. They’ll distract you from what is in front of your face. Blur your vision from the most obvious truths.

That is what politicians do. Politicians are a brand of magician the likes of which even Harry Houdini could not compete with. Slight of hand is their game, and elections are their super-bowl.

How can we fool them next? How can they fool us?

It all comes down to what you, as an individual, believe – and who you will entrust your vote to support those beliefs. It’s all very simple. Vote. Stand up for yourself, stand up for what you believe.

In the end all we have is our beliefs.

Tomorrow I’ll vote for mine. Hopefully you’ll vote for yours. Good luck.

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