I voted, no problems.

It’s staggering how messed up the electronic voting situation is.

Me? I changed districts today. I had to re-register to vote, at my new polling site.

I even changed parties. I then voted on a paper ballot with an ordinary Paper Mate black pen.

I was in and out the door within 10 minutes… all because of a pen, and paper. I tell ya, the old folks who helped me out seemed to know their stuff. Every question had an exact answer, and they knew exactly what I needed to get the job done.

I thought we introduced these devices to ensure that Liberals could be fairly elected. After all, the people who wanted to vote for a Liberal were too stupid to handle a paper ballot, thus the simplified touch-screen. Now we’ve got a touch-screen, obviously no testing has taken place, no training has been performed for poll workers, and we’ve got tons of stories of problems with these voter machines.

I’d put real money on the possibility that electronic voting machines were not introduced to facilitate voting – they were introduced to make it easier to challenge the results of a vote if your guy or gal does not win. WIth paper it was easy. There’s a hole, a mark, etc… With electronics, it’s a 1 or a 0 specifically designed with no paper trail so that when a politician loses, they can question and challenge the results without the accountability that a simple paper ballot offers.

The big problem with the 2000 election? It wasn’t that the endless illegal recounts were stopped. It wasn’t that we had people trying to determine the intent of a voter. It’s that at the end of the day, Bush won. A Republican won at the hands of a Blue county. Instead of the Left looking inward and wondering just how it could have happened, what they could have possibly done to warrant such a sound trouncing in counties that they should have won by a large margin… Point. Scream. Accuse. Lose. Oh well.

Ever wonder what would be said if the Democrats really were a shoe-in for the various elections today, and they didn’t have to worry whether the machines actually worked? The silence would be deafening.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings for the state of politics in this country, but you can be sure of one thing… if the Libs lose, the bullshit will never end. Hip Hip Hazzah.

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