Here Come The Democrats

In a stunning upset, the Republicans have lost control of the House of Representatives. While that means I owe my dad $5, it also means that if America wants politics as usual – they’ll vote Democrat. No point in wasting votes on RINO’s (that’s Republican in Name Only for those of you from Warwick).

When Republicans run on Conservative values, they win every time. When they run as politicians, you get what we had last night – a clear message to the Right in the shape of Democrat victories.

In 1994, for the first time in decades, the Republicans won control in a landslide by running on Conservative values and backing them up with the “Contract for America.” From about day 2 however, they’ve been dropping the ball. It is easy to blame Clinton and the Democrats for the .com burst, as well as the subsequent recession.

If anything has become undeniably clear – it took 50 years for the Democrats to fuck up bad enough to get voted out of power. It only took the Republicans 10. People wonder why I switched parties.

I catch talk radio all the time where if things go good, whoever the present Republican in charge is – will get the credit. If things go bad, it’s the Democrats. IMHO, both sides – when in power – are crooked.

I won’t hand the media a pass, they’ve had as much to do with the current state of affairs as any politician… It did not help that the Republicans made it extremely easy for the media. Quite frankly, if my President gives one more speech extolling the virtues of Freedom in Iraq, I will happily offer my vote in 2008 to the first trash-can I see.

I hear the stories from friends who have returned from Iraq – and voluntarily gone right back. The media has it wrong. The politicians have it wrong. With the never ending echo of Freedom at the pulpit of GWB, there is no incentive to report the good news from Iraq. Not even the current administration has made the slightest effort to extol it.

We talk about the Liberals using a tired playbook. This time with exception to that complete dolt John Kerry and that pathetic series of ads by Michael J Fox, the extreme Left kept silent while more moderate voices won control. I think it’s time the Republicans stopped taking lessons from the old Democrat playbook and try a new direction.

So here we are, a red-state Senate, a red-state Presidency, and a blue-state House. If anything other than politics as usual ensues, I shall be completely amazed. So congratulations to the Democrats who won. I doubt they’ll accomplish anything positive, but who knows, maybe some fresh ideas might come out of it.

Anyone up for eliminating the commercial use of eminent domain? Anyone?

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