Just call me DOORMAT.

I’m sick of these people who claim to be friends then forget I exist when they get in a relationship. FOUR TIMES in the past 2 months, people who claimed to be my friend have decided to walk over me. Is there some unwritten law that says “ditch your friends when they’re no longer convenient?” It’s not even just women, it’s guy friends too.

Sure, there’s always a point when people start dating where they pretty much ditch all their friends, I guess I just managed to catch 4 single people at once. I must be incorrectly wired somehow, as regardless of my relationship status I DON’T FORGET THE PEOPLE WHO WERE AROUND BEFOREHAND AND CONTINUE TO MAKE TIME FOR AND INCLUDE THEM IN MY LIFE.

I’m sick of the pattern. From this point on, I’m only making friends with people in relationships. If you’re single, male or female, go get laid before you decide to talk to me… otherwise you’re just a fucking waste of my time.

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