Clerks II… Eh…

I’m a Kevin Smith fan. Now I don’t worship the ground the guy walks on, but I’ve got a copy of each of his films… They’re funny as fuck, completely irreverant, and I’m always asking myself “What the fuck could he possibly do next?”

So when Clerks II came out I missed it in theaters… I finally pick up a copy and well. Can I give it back?

Sure, it’s funny. I laughed my ass off many times during the film… Still at the credits I could only think… “is that it?”

Maybe it’s just that I never quite connected with the whole Clerks saga, but I just think the whole thing was too damned predictable. Ooh, cameos. Ooh, racial humor. Ooh, religious humor. Ooh, boobs. Sure, they pushed the envelope, but I kinda think they pushed it the wrong way.

Still, Smith says he’s proudest of this film of all of them, and to that end, he did an outstanding job. No great artist is ever truly understood and I think Kevin Smith fits in there. While Clerks II didn’t completely mesh with me like his previous efforts, I’m sure there are plenty of fans out there who were satisfied with the flick.

Personally, I’m just waiting to see what he does next.

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