Cocaine RULES

It seems that every day a new energy drink comes along, pushed by atheletes, actors, you name it.

I’ll be the first to say it, I think Cocaine – if it takes off and gains wider acceptance – can supplant Red Bull as the king of the energy drinks. Ever since I saw the politicians jump upon their soap boxes when Cocaine hit the market, I wanted to try it. As usual, my buddy Mermaid found a local source and the rest is history.

I downed a can this morning at 8am, and it kept me running until the early afternoon. It’s got this almost glowing pink color, a medium level of carbonation (not as strong as Coke, not as weak as Red Bull) and an ingredient which I have yet to identify – that simply put, burns. Not quite a capcaisin pepper burn, but a burn nontheless.

Red can, energy drink section, try it out. 4 times stronger than Red Bull. Fuck wings, gimme a Jet Pack!

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