One less excuse to ignore tailgaters…

As I always say, what can be done by Government can always be done better – and with less consequence – in the private sector. For years the Politicians have told us that cell-phones are the biggest threat on our highways and byways. For years I’ve told you that idiots who are easily distracted are the biggest threat, proven by the number of accidents caused when people (like me) change their radio station and bag a telephone pole.

Tailgaters, reckless drivers, speeders, folks who can’t stay in their lane, these are the true dangers on the highway. Thanks to the folks at Laser Technology, Inc Police have a method of precisely measuring the distance between two cars at speed. For years, LT has provided Police with the laser speed guns which are guaranteed to up your blood pressure and insurance rates. While the cost has been prohibitive for smaller departments, bigger ones like the Arizona Highway Patrol have begun using the technology to nab tailgaters… and God Bless them for it.

Smaller departments either don’t need or cannot afford the LIDAR technology, just the same I’d love to see a tailgater nabbed. With a standard being 1 car length of distance for every 10mph of speed, it’s easy to tell when someone is doing 55mph and being tailgated. I’m sure everyone has driven past a Police car at one point or another while being tailgated – the tailgater will back off for a moment or two, but once the 5-0 is out of sight they go right back to tailgating.

Hopefully when the politicians see how effective this technology is, they’ll stop chasing scapegoats and get back to law enforcement. I see more reckless idiots than cell-phone users – and there will be a day when nobody uses a cell-phone in the standard way while driving. What do we do then, find another scapegoat or give Police the technology to do their jobs better and keep us safe?

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