A day that will live in infamy to those who still care…

Today, December 7th, 2006 – a day forgotten by history. Back in 1941, 3000 Americans were brutally murdered by a surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Until 9/11, it was the single greatest loss of life due to an enemy attack on the United States of America.

Since an obscene number of Americans have seemingly forgotten about 9/11, the fact that there is little to no mention of the attack on Pearl Harbor today doesn’t amaze me.

MSNBC has it buried at the bottom of the News listings.
Washington Post focuses on the environmental effect of the Arizona’s fuel oil.
CNN has it buried.
FoxNews has it listed a few lines below a story about Wii remotes.

Quite amazingly…

Not a single major news outlet, even the so-called ‘Fair and Balanced’ ones has any big mention of the anniversary on the main page. A few more years go by and there won’t be anyone left alive to explain what happened (because they were THERE).

None of this surprises me my friends, the last thing the major news media and dirt bag politicians want you to think of is America’s long standing reputation of winning wars and defeating enemies. They want you to think of Iraq as Vietnam and not 9/11 as another Pearl Harbor. Sure, Pearl Harbor was a military target; that was back when we were fighting an honorable enemy… one that didn’t hide in Churches and Schools, using the innocent as human shields before an attack and as shameless propaganda afterwards.

Not even one of my favorite radio personalities, Rush Limbaugh has a single mention of the attack on his front page.

December 7th, 1941 should be fresh on the minds of every living free American, as it was a turning point and quite possibly the last time we won a war before Politicians figured out we didn’t need to win to survive through the next election.

Right now we’ve got a battle going on – in Washington – to prove that we can survive until the next election without a victory in Iraq. I’m 27, I plan on getting married and birthing little Conservatives down the line. I want victory in Iraq, I want terrorists TERRIFIED of attacking our sovereign nation, and I want politicians in office who will be haunted beyond the corrective powers of medication to their grave for sending our brave men and women off to die for nothing.

Not that they are dying for nothing yet, but if these sissy Democrats and Republicans don’t get out of the way and let the job get done and done right, they will have. The blood of heroes is on their hands and it is only getting thicker with every day of propaganda against and doubt in the brave men and women of our armed forces.

God Bless the men and women of our armed forces.

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