Damnit, Joss…

So I was a late fan to Buffy the Vampire Slayer… I only got into the series about 4 seasons in… Like most Joss Whedon shows, for some reason I didn’t really think I would be interested at the time. As I got hooked, like with most Joss Whedon shows, once the series was up I was pretty disappointed.

I didn’t watch Firefly both because it jumped around the schedule so much and also because I didn’t really think it would be interesting. Now I’ve got Serenity and the entire Firefly series in a cherished place on my movie shelf.

Now all along this show Angel, a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been airing. Never really had any interest in it. Then after I realized Universal HD was simply replaying the same 12 episodes or so of Knight Rider every morning, I switched over to TNT and started watching Angel. Again, I’m hooked on a series that is over.

So I’m sure it’ll be worth a gaggle of laughs when I ask my darling to Netflix the series for me so I can catch up from the beginning… seems to be a habit for me!

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