When Marketing goes too far…

I’m about ready to trade my Motorola RAZR in for something, anything, other than a Motorola RAZR.


I’m watching the classic “Trading Places” when a commercial break comes on and it’s none other than Kanye “Bush Hates Black People” West, rapping acronyms like a pro, wearing red in front of a red backround. At the end of the rap, he holds up a red Motorola RAZR and tells me that if I buy that red Motorola RAZR, it will help support the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Whole ad just left a bad taste in my mouth… Spend what, $200 on a cellphone, and how much is going to actually go to help a losing cause? Of course, the RAZR is a full multimedia phone, so whoever the provider is will rake in the dollars from usage, game and song purchases, you name it.

There we have it, an fair amount of money spent to hire a rapper, advertise a specific phone so that an obscene amount of money can be made by Motorola and the companies that sell the phones… with a mere pittance delegated for the fight against AIDS in Africa.

I’m sure if I buy a crate of Trojan condoms and ship it out that way, it will have a greater effect than the purchase of any cellphone will.

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