Dead Rising [*—-]

I’m on a roll with stinkers lately. Just Cause – I may give it a second go round, but not until I manage to find another engrossing game that isn’t absurdly fucking difficult from the getgo. Not to mention, there aren’t any cheat codes, nor cheat devices for the 360 – so there’s no satisfaction of cleaving my way through undead masses with no concern for my own well being.

So it seemed like a good idea – a mall full of Zombies and 72 hours to cover the story while saving the day. Well all the tough-guy talk I ever had about the zombie genre went out the window as I have re-started the damned game 3 times so far due to an idiotic interface.

For starters, save points are in the mens rooms as well as the security stations. Security station is fine, you start at one, only its a pain in the ass and a waste of time to head back there unless you’ve got some survivors in tow. Then all the johns I looked for ended up behind locked maintenance closets to which I didn’t have the key. Then the first big mission you have is the DHL agent who is cought in a firefight with some mysterious Hispanic. Wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have the cross the zombie filled courtyard and then dump 60 headshots into the bastard before he finally drops while I’m avoiding hand grenades.

The aiming system is absurd. Swinging makeshift weapons, bats, pipes, and nightsticks are one thing, but how many years has it been since the art of the 3rd person aim and fire was perfected? You’ve got to hold down the right trigger to target with a gun, but when you do – the direction you’re aiming in is seemingly random. No matter what I try, when I need to shoot at something with precision, I’m normally pointing in the wrong direction – not fun.

Graphics are great in the game, the whole immersion in a zombie movie is great, unfortunately after 3 tries and repeatedly getting obliterated without an opportunity to save – I’m pretty sure this is headed back to Gamefly this week unless I get THAT fucking bored.

I need to get into a game fast and be hooked just as fast. No amount of great graphics or neat effects is going to keep me interested when I’m forced to save every 5 seconds due to the difficulty of the game or I can’t even make it that far due to a cumbersome interface.

Looks like the next inbound game is Gears of War. It’s gotten rave reviews. It better be good.

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