Unlockables are NOT cheat codes.

Ok so a while back I went off on how cheat codes take away from a game, the ability to exploit a design flaw – takes away from a game. Now something I’ve managed to do in the time I’ve owned an Xbox 360 is not cheat on a single game. While MOST of the games I’ve played on it haven’t required cheating, the last 2 I’ve played could have benefitted from a little God Mode action – which apparently no longer exists.

I’m sure developers came to the same realization I did, and so be it. I didn’t cheat on Super Mario Brothers and after 18 years I successfully beat it for the first time. Still, I looked, and for most of these games when I look at the supposed “Cheat” or “Code” list, I find nothing but information on what can be unlocked at various points in the game.

Cheats aren’t earned, they offer unfair advantages. Unlockables are achievements, the player did SOMETHING and as a reward, something got unlocked. They should just say that there are NO cheat codes for a given game instead of even populating the frikkin list.

God Code, I miss you.

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