Fifth Woes…

So I’m still sick, still have that damned “Parvovirus / Fifth Disease” attacking my joints. MD had put me on Prednisone first for 5 days, then for 15 days. Both cases, all the symptoms were suppressed including the fever, both times when I came off the steroids the symptoms came right back. Friday I finished off my last scrip, and I was couch-ridden most of the weekend as my joints stiffened up and my feet swelled and brought so much pain that I maybe got an hour of sleep the whole weekend. I also managed to clear an entire bottle of Advil just so I could get that hour or so of sleep.

So back to the Doc today, this time I’m going to ride out the pain with the help of some nifty pain pills and hope that my body can get the upper hand on this crap soon. I’m seriously sick of all this BS. I can’t get ahead of the curve – ever.

Most I can get is a month or two in the gym before something takes me out for months. First it was the tumor in my back, then my broken hand (my fault, I know), then I hurt myself at the gym, and now this. All over the course of… maybe 2 years? What the hell? I eat healthy, I try to keep fit, but no matter what I do when I finally get into a good groove something happens to throw me back on my ass again and start me back down the road of bullshit.

I’d say it started back when I was 13, when I got hit by a car and thrown off my bike. It was a hit and run, something that I only recalled until a moment last year where it just flashed into my head. Up until that point, I had been kinda lazy, always sat on my ass. I then got into riding my bike. Much to my parent’s chagrin, I rode all over – dozens of miles in a day. They’d bought me a helmet but, well, I already have a big head and that thing made me look like a damned Spaceball.

So I had my passion, riding a bike. I was getting a handle on my weight, getting into shape, getting really good at it. Then one day, I’m following the Memorial Day parade through Warwick – hoping to ask out this girl I had a crush on (was in 8th grade at the time). I had pulled off of Main St. In Warwick to ride down a bit and catch her going past on Oakland when I woke up in St.Anthony’s hospital and they told me I had an accident on my bike.

After that, I pretty much lost the interest in riding… It’s been 14 years since I took a bike out for a good long ride, and this Spring I’m planning on dropping some cash on a new one so I can start again. I just need to figure out why it is that every time I try to take a new path healthwise, fate steps in and knocks me back down again.

Maybe I just need to pick up where I left off. I love weightlifting, being strong, but I’ve gotten into a habit of building myself up only to be torn down again. Time to try something different.

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