So I’ve gone on to my 2nd month of a membership with Still, nothing but good things to say about them. Since I’ve joined, I have rented 6 games and kept 1. In total, I’ve spent about $75 over the course of 2 months to play 6 games. In the past, I’d have spent about $300 on the games, instead I spent $75. Also, the game I did buy cost 25% less than it would at any local store including EBGames or Gamestop. Sure it’s used, but the disk was in perfect condition and the case / manual were brand new.

For anyone who is an avid gamer, it makes no sense to keep wasting hard earned money on games that will take less than a week or two to beat. I rarely re-play games I have beaten unless there’s a good multiplayer option, and I don’t have to feel bad about wasting money on a game that frankly… sucks.

I’ll be sending back 2 more games this week, and getting 2 more to play. I’m hoping I’ll get to take a swing at Gears of War this time around, but even if not, I’ve got 15 other games in my queue I could possibly get. They’ve got a free trial – give it a shot.

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