Minimum Wage – Maximum Lie

Now one of the points I’ve been trying to drill home is that politicians are scumbags. That said, one of their biggest talking points involves the minimum wage. The minimum wage can destroy a business, and cost hard working Americans their jobs.

Sure, for those Americans who choose a job where minimum wage is the only option, an increase sounds great. I don’t know anyone who would argue against a pay raise. Still, there’s a huge difference between a business providing a raise on its own – and being forced to pay it by the Government.

New wage boost puts squeeze on teenage workers across Arizona

Every time the minimum wage is raised, small businesses suffer and the little people lose their jobs. This is the dark side of the talking point. While those who benefit from such a raise might just vote for the dirtbag who promoted the increase, the unemployed are forced to find another job as the businesses they used to work for fight government mandated bankruptcy.

Any time a politician proposes an increase, anything they say in regard to big business, special interest, or helping the poor – is nothing more than another talking point. Any time that discussion involves illegal immigration, you can ignore that too, as I’m sure one of the key reasons that a small business will utilize illegal immigrants is due to the lack of enforcement of immigration and labor laws which would allow them to employ people for less than the minimum wage. Why hire Americans when the abundant supply of illegal immigrants can get more work done for less cash?

Personally, and this is my biased opinion – they should eliminate the minimum wage, or lower it to a point where businesses are forced by the free market to compete for workers. This would drive wages up, force businesses to reassess their operations and increase their efficiency or fail.

Sure it sounds like a great idea, increasing the minimum wage, but the reality is that nothing good ever came from the government meddling in the economy.

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