Regulate violence now? BULLSHIT.

FCC report: TV violence should be regulated

Government censorship is illegal and it is wrong. It is a complete violation of the 1st Amendment. The fact that things are selectively and repeatedly censored leads me to believe that the 1st Amendment no longer exists – or is simply no longer valid.

No where in the report are network news reports mentioned. The media continues to receive a blank check when it comes to what they report, when they report, and how they report it. They can show bodies, display the results of violent wrecks, bullets, attacks, riots, you name it – there is no censorship for the media. Why do they get protection while the average citizen, or the average actor, writer, director – must throttle their creativity in order to conform to some watered down, bullshit standard mandated by the FCC?

What can we do though, I can write letters to my elected officials calling for the FCC to be de-constructed, to put the power and choice of what we may consume and when we may consume it back in the hands of the American people… Nobody cares anymore. We’ve all adapted to these standards, accepted them, we thrive in this censored and restricted utopia.

Nobody minds not smoking indoors – anywhere. Nobody minds not talking on cellphones will driving. Nobody minds classic movies being destroyed by the selective removal of words like fuck, shit, gun, and God. Everyone has sex, from the most innocent amongst us to the old fogies under the influence of Viagra… we just can’t see it on television unless Tom Brokaw is standing in front of it or we are paying through the nose to see it on DVD or HBO. Nobody cares about gas prices over $2… Nobody cares about a pack of smokes costing $7 to kill the buyer while people are jailed for smoking a joint which never killed a soul. Nobody cares that a criminal can grab a gun on the cheap while an honest and hardworking taxpayer must go through reams of paperwork and waiting periods – to maybe get a gun. Nobody cares that political speech has been restricted in the name of reform.

Nobody cares.

We’ve been trained to accept our tyranny, one violation at a time. While Americans take to soap boxes and fight amongst each other in a Civil War where no shots have been fired, the very freedoms we were guaranteed by God have been usurped by man – not to objection, but to applause.

Sure, we can still do everything they have told us is wrong – but now we’ve lost the right to do it freely. Thank God we’ve got the media to protect us.

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