Cleaning that LCD

Just a tip to those not in the know (like I was a mere 5 minutes ago)… I, like most people at this point have at least 1 LCD in their life that needs to be cleaned. In the past, I’ve used Windex. I’ve now found out that Ammonia (ingredient in most commercial glass cleaners) is BAD.


Now most office supply stores, and some electronics stores will sell LCD cleaner that might cost anywhere from $10 to $20. Now if you’ve gone and bought a spiffy LCD television, YOU CANT AFFORD THAT ANYMORE. That said, grab some ordinary Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, distilled water, and a soft cloth. Now I’ve heard a few different proportions for the mixture, 50/50 to 70/30 for the mixture of alcohol to water. Since the rubbing alcohol you’d buy at the store is already diluted with water, a 70/30 might just work fine.

Do not use tap water – any minerals in the water (no filter gets out ALL minerals) will show up as white streaks on the screen.

Do not use any sort of paper towel or tissue – no matter how soft it is. You’ll scratch your screen.

Do not spray the solution directly on the screen! Spray it on the towel, and wipe the screen down with the towel. Follow up with another soft cloth to dry the screen – and you’re done. Do not wipe too hard, as it can also damage the screen.

Now I put this up mainly so I can search bag through my blog for the information, but as you fine folks may be tempted to give it a shot – do not take my word as gospel. For starters, I take no responsibility if you follow this guide to the letter and fuck up your LCD. Secondly, it isn’t hard to do a Google search and find similar information yourself. Lastly, if you don’t want to try it yourself – pick up the actual cleaning kit at your local electronics store.

Me? I’m cheap…erg…frugal. I’ll give it a shot, and proceed to kick myself in the ass if I screw something up. I long for those days where I can see just how flexible I truly am.

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