A case for reading the damned instructions…

So last night I’m at the supermarket, and I’m out of contact solution. Looking through the various selections I see this black box, a new solution from Amo. Figure I’ll give it a shot. So I get home around 2am, put the contacts in a very unique container, put in the solution, and go to bed.

I wake up 8 hours later, pop in my contact, and feel like I’ve just been maced.

Now this wasn’t your typical saline solution, this was hydrogen peroxide plus some other stuff, including spiffy little neutralizer tablets. I didn’t think I needed them. Oops. So I take them out, put them back in the solution, add the tablet, and 6 hours later while my left eye still looks like I just cleared an ounce of Jamaica’s finest the contacts are in and actually feel nicer than when I use saline alone.

Course, if I had read the damned instructions I could have avoided this whole thing.

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