Shut The F*** Up, NEXT!

Cute advertisement which apparently won awards down under has been pulled due to the complaints of viewers.

It involved a tot driving up to a girl his age in a brand new truck, picking her up, and going to the beach.

Cute, innocent, dangerous. For starters, parents complained that the possibility of a copycat was too great. The liklihood of a 6 year old stealing the parent’s Hyundai, stacking books on the seat and rigging a device so they can operate the foot pedals was far too great. Parental responsibility be damned. Personally, I find the greater offense to be the blatant acquiescence of heterosexuality in the ad. Why couldn’t it be two boys? Or two girls?

Parents raise copycat risk from TV’s revhead tot

IMHO, corporations need to learn when to say STFU. I highly doubt that any of the complainers actually drove the truck in the ad or had given any consideration to driving the truck in the ad. They complained just to complain, and most likely based their complaints on an inherent inability to take responsibility for their own offspring. Seriously, there’s a difference between being socially conscious and being a doormat. Its about time people were told to STFU when they’re being unnecessarily immature.

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