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Council vs. the N-word

I don’t like the N word either, but I think the fact that the city council is dedicating time to place an unenforceable moratorium on the use of a WORD simply to “convey the legislative body’s strong condemnation of the word” is an absolute farce and they should all be booted out of office for wasting taxpayer money on paychecks.

That’s right folks, we’ve reached the point where we are legislating words. I’ve got an N word for the NYC City Council – It’s Neanderthal. I’m surprised they haven’t attempted to ban a word which accurately describes the council.

There are more words out there that could benefit from a moratorium, words like “terrorist” and “jihad.” Those words convey a hatred that affects everyone, even folks who use the N word casually and during comedy shows. I haven’t seen any Muslim comedians crack jokes about the Jihadist who confused his road-flares for dynamite and burned his beard off during an attempted attack yet. Maybe then we’ll get some more attention placed on real problems.

See, the problems with politicians like those possessing the city council is that they honestly believe if we stop using the word we’ll stop thinking about reasons for using the word… Eradicate hate by eviscerating the dictionary. How long till they ban the word Nazi so we forget about the 3rd Reich and how many brave men died in battle with pure evil?


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