Wendy’s 4-Alarm Spicy Chicken Sandwich [**—]

That’s right, 2 stars. Honestly, I’d have been better off with the standard spicy chicken sandwich. For starters, they used that ciabatta bread. I hate that crap. It’s too stiff for fast food, the simple act of biting into it squishes everything in the sandwich whereas with a standard bun you can just plow through it. Second, they relied on the jalapeno pepper for a majority of the heat. Now jalapeno peppers are very tasty by themselves, or when added in moderation to a recipe. Use too much, and what you eat essentially becomes a big jalapeno, salty, tangy, and hot. Any individual character (ie the chipotle or pepper jack flavor) gets drowned out by the jalapenos. Lastly, $7 for a SMALL? PUH-LEAZE.

My recommendation? Lose the jalapenos and kick up the heat on the sauce a bit. The individual pepper slices simply overpower the sandwich. *burp*.

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