How the hell’d this happen?

Had the traditional American St.Patty’s day feast of corned beef and cabbage today, also managed to flip through the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and was pretty surprised by what I read.

A couple years back, a film version of the Clive Cussler novel – Sahara – was released. Being a fan of Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series, the moment I realized that one of my favorite novels was about to hit the big screen I was beyond excited.

While the movie was loosely based on the book (no movie completely follows any book unless we’re talking Stephen King – even then after 8 hours of a miniseries he misses a few details) I enjoyed it immensely. No campier than any Bond flick, the movie had a solid plot, superb acting, and everyone nailed their role even the guy who played Al Giordino (the stocky Italian sidekick).

So anyhow, here I am, 2 years later, hoping another Cussler adaptation is on the way when I catch this article which in short says… Sahara was a flop, Cussler hated it, and he sued the production company for butchering his story.

Dude, Raise The Titanic was shit, Sahara was gold. I can toss it in my DVD player any day of the week and watch it from start to finish. IMHO the best entertainment is often built off a tumultuous relationship – I have no idea how this movie could have flopped and I easily could have seen McConaughey pull off other stories like Dragon from the Cussler library. I’m hoping something positive comes out of this pissing match as I’m sure the franchise could only grow if these wingnuts could friggin get along.

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