That’s why I don’t save my CC information Online!

According to a story circulating via DIGG, Xbox Live has been hacked. Sure enough I attempted to login with my Windows Live ID and the password had been changed. My biggest concern was that my credit card information had been compromised. Now I am normally RELIGIOUS about allowing an e-commerce business to store my information. IMHO, convenience is NOT worth the risk. So I log in and ~phew~ I never saved my card as a payment method. I’ve updated my password, but just the same I may cancel the thing altogether. I don’t use Xbox Live, I tried it when I first got my 360 but online gaming just doesn’t do it for me – I prefer to go through the story and move on. I haven’t had a game since Quake (with exception to WoW) that dominated my attention enough to play on-line.

If you’ve got a 360 and Xbox Live, make sure you haven’t been compromised…

For God’s sake, don’t store your CC info there.

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