Club Gitmo

They’re not American Citizens, so our laws and civilian judicial system should not cover them. It does because some activist was wearing a black robe on the wrong day. They’re not soldiers of a foreign power so the Geneva Convention does not cover them with Prisoner of War status.

Now with the media in this country hell bent for a juicy story at the expense of our freedom and sovereignty, I am personally amazed that there has been little to no coverage of the home countries of the detained fighting for their release. I’m sure there may be some instances, but overall it would appear that the only ones who want these “enemy combatants” free and roaming the streets of the USA are political and judicial activists with an agenda which can only be described as treasonous.

I tell ya though, Digg cracks me up. If you ever want to see a gaggle of reactionary sheep in lemming suits – check it out.

Court rejects Gitmo detainees’ appeal

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