Oh, the steel.

Yesterday marked my long awaited return to the local gym… something I have been looking forward to for MONTHS. Nothing like getting into a groove at the gym, getting into shape, and then having something happen to screw it all up. The latest and greatest was a nasty little virus that caused Rheumatoid Arthritis like conditions in my legs and kept me from being very mobile… That was punctuated by a sinus infection that had been suppressed by all the medication I was on.

That all cleared up, and yesterday I was back in my element… IPod on the ears, steel in my hands, finding out just how much strength vanished during my 3 month hiatus. I didn’t fall back as much as I had thought – I can still bench my weight but I’m a good 30lbs off on most of my exercises from where I was previously.

This time I plan on taking a different route, with more reps and less weight, I’d like to build lean muscle and get rid of this 27 year old baby-fat… My last trip had me rapidly approaching a point where my neck was no longer in the room – and while I loved being that strong and that big, my arms would fall asleep if I laid on them which isn’t much fun.

So here is where I stand thus far – after my trip to the gym yesterday…

Lateral Press – 250lbs (no, I do not weigh 250lbs)
Shoulder Press – 160lbs
Preacher Curl – 80lbs
Tricep Extension – 100lbs
Butterfly – 140lbs
Delt Extension – 120lbs
Lower back – 280lbs

My max can go higher, but I’m going to work at the above numbers – if not a little less – and instead of doing 3 sets of 10 reps to my max, I’ll try to do 3 sets of 20 reps 20lbs or so below my max. I’m only doing 2 sets of 10 this week, next week I’ll bump it up to 3 sets, and then the following I’ll increase the number of reps. I’m sure I’ll get a little bigger, but comfortably so. Wish me luck.

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